"I am not here physically, but I am looking down from heaven on this assembled group. I challenge you to adopt a new goal, a new way of life for yourself. Put helping, caring about, and serving others at the center of all that you do--not just for today or tomorrow but for the remainder of your life. I ask you to look for ways in which to make a difference in the lives of others, regardless of whom they are or where you find them. They are God's children and they need us. We must turn away from thinking only of ourselves and remember that each one of us has a capacity for doing something. Discover what you can do--and do it. I ask you to do that. But there is something else. In the act of helping others, think of this. It was my desire to make a difference, and I tried to do that in the opportunities that were given to me. There was so much more that I wanted to do, but I will keep my eye on you from heaven. Now you can pick up where I left off and serve so many others. Hear this plea and respond to it. This is your friend who asks you to accept this challenge. Do something meaningful with your life. After all, that is how you can more honor me and my life."