A Sapphire Gold Arowana named "Long Zai", or "Little Dragon" in Cantonese, swims in its tank as its owner, housewife Leong Yoke Ping, 37, talks to Reuters at her residence in Kajang outside Kuala Lumpur March 5, 2012. Leong bought "Long Zai" for $3,000, but believes the cost was more than worth it, due to the good luck and small fortune that she and her family have experienced after purchasing the fish. Prized across Asia for warding off evil, the mustachioed arowana, also known as dragon fish, is turning into a hot pick for those keen to profit from surging Chinese demand for good luck charms at a time when the global economic outlook looks cloudy. The Kuala Lumpur-based firm Arowana Venture Berhad is selling 10-year bonds to investors to raise money for buying fish stocks and running fish farms.