Age: 14 Height: 1.66m Weight: 56kg Eyes: Green Hair: Brown Strengths: Relatively fearless, smart with good memory Weaknesses: Pyrophobia, troubled past Short-Term Goals: Stay unnoticed Long-Term Goals: Survive high school and brother Appearance & Personality At just over 1.66m (5'5#) tall, Ryan weighs 56 kilos (123lbs). He has an average build with fair skin. His hair is usually scruffy and light brown in colour. Ryan's eyes are brown in colour. Clothing wise, Ryan prefers loose fitting garments that are easier to move around in. He tends to wear baggy jeans, a short sleeved T-shirt, an old hooded top and he's often seen wearing his favourite baseball cap. His schoolbooks and comics are kept in a blue Vans backpack that has straps on it to carry his skateboard. Ryan also has a single earring in each ear. Ryan tries his best to go unnoticed, sitting quietly at the back of the class, never answering or asking a question and handing in work of intentionally below average quality. He doesn't wear the latest fashions or display gaudy "bling" all in an attempt to be ignored by everyone. Ryan is distant, rarely socialising outside of what is strictly necessary and consequently has few friends. Although lonely and occasionally depressed, he doesn't exhibit the standard "emo" signs of bad poetry on myspace, hypersensitive emotions and a fondness for bad rock music. More than anything, his outward appearance is nothing more than a disguise to allow him to blend in and hide within the system. As the only one who knows what happened on the night of the fire, and why, Ryan has had to become independent, relying on no one but himself. Since no one believes him when he says his brother is still alive, he has had to constantly watch his back because no one else seems willing to. Possessions Skateboard, MP3 player, backpack, schoolbooks, comics, old laptop Character History Ryan was born in the city of Truro to Paul and Tracy Henderson in March of 1995. He was their second child. Mark, their eldest was six when his younger brother was born. Despite the age gap, as Ryan grew up, the two bothers became very close. Mark protective of his younger brother and Ryan idolising his older brother. Although Mark began to get into trouble with the police as he entered his teens, Ryan always seemed to have better sense than to try to imitate his older brother, much to his parent's relief. All this changed a couple of weeks after Ryan's 10th birthday. In the middle of the night he was pulled from his bed by a masked figure, bound and gagged, and dragged downstairs. There he saw the bodies of his already murdered parents. The killer was his brother who stabbed his partner before turning the knife on his kid brother. His brother attempted to cut Ryan's throat but fortunately, the cut was not deep enough to be immediately fatal. However, he passed out from the shock as Mark dragged the bodies upstairs and arranged them in a ritual circle. Following directions he had found in an old book, Mark had slain his family and best friend in an attempt to gain some sort of demonic power. The culmination of the ritual was the burning of the bodies. Mark doused the bodies in petrol and soaked the floor with it. He started a fire and fled into the night sure that he had completed the ritual. Ryan however was still alive and the sound, smoke and heat of the fire woke him. Struggling with his bonds and injury, the boy almost didn't make it out of the house before the fire consumed it along with the bodies of his parents. He spent over month in hospital after the fire. The burns healed but the wound to his neck left a vicious scar. Ryan tried to convince anyone who would listen that his brother was still alive, that the teenage body they had found had in fact been in his partner. No one would listen to him. They assumed that his claims were merely the product of a traumatised child's mind. Eventually he stopped trying to tell people. Having no living relatives, Ryan was taken into care soon after leaving hospital and moved out of the Truro area. Over the next four years, Ryan was bounced between numerous foster families and children's homes across Cornwall. He rarely stayed with one more than a few months, foster parents finding the distant boy too much of a handful. This "mobility" was a ploy by Ryan to prevent his brother ever tracking him down. He knew that if Mark wanted to complete the ritual, he would have to find Ryan and kill him. By moving around and acting as the disturbed dumb kid, it would make it difficult for anyone to track him down. Although he acts as a below average student, Ryan is actually very intelligent but works very hard to conceal it. Along with a concerted effort to not stand out, Ryan is effectively invisible at school. To stupid for teachers to waste time on and too weird to make any friends. Recently, he has begun to look into the occult trying to work out just what his brother is attempting to do. Family Ryan's only living relative is his older brother Mark. Although everyone believes that Mark was killed in the same fire that killed his parents, convincing anyone that he is still alive has proved impossible. Ryan wishes his brother had died in the fire because unfortunately for him, his brother wishes the same thing about Ryan. Friends & Enemies Ryan has very few people that he could consider friends. He has lost contact with his friends in Truro since the incident and has made precious few since then. A month ago, Ryan was sent to a new foster family in a new town. Susan and Anthony Johnson are good people and unlike some previous foster parents, are genuinely interested in Ryan's welfare. Ryan likes living with them and for the first time in several months, he is happy. Ryan isn't the only foster kid staying with the Johnsons. He shares a room with twelve-year-old Trey and despite himself, Ryan has found himself befriending the younger boy. Both share a love of comics although they often disagree over which superhero is the best. Trey has only been in foster care for a year after his father was jailed for supplying cocaine and his mother was judged to be an unfit parent.