With the May bank holidays providing us two extended weekends, many of us took the opportunity to enjoy the good weather pigging out and over indulging in good food and drinks. According to new research, just under a third of us were resigned to putting on weight over this period as we spent our days off lying around in the sun, lazing around in front of the TV, or catching up on sleep. But as summer rapidly approaches, many of us will feel the pressure to get off the couch and into shape. The research from Foster Grant Ironman sunglasses also found that nearly a fifth of us made a new year’s resolution to do more exercise in January but have not kept to it. Fortunately now is a great time to take advantage of the light evenings, fresh air and sunshine that the summer months provide. With some simple basic kit, running, swimming and cycling form a fantastic combined workout at very little cost. In this video Annie Emmerson shares her top tips on how triathlon training can improve strength and stamina without breaking the bank on an expensive gym membership. Multi-sports training is a great way to improve your cardiovascular performance and develop all round muscle toning and is both varied and challenging. Foster Grant Ironman sunglasses have put together some top tips to get you started on your road to fitness this summer. In the following video, former international athlete and triathlon coach Annie Emmerson shows you how to raise your fitness levels at a pace that can be adapted to beginners, or those returning to exercise, which can be easily built on. This video provides useful tips on the basic essentials you need to make sure your workout is not only effective, but won’t leave you in agony the next morning. For more information visit http://www.fostergrant.co.uk/sunglasses/active.html