Draco (2nd year of hogwards) has listened rumors about hermione being in love with him. He doesn't want to believe it & need to prove it rigth, because he has felt the same way for a long time. To get her attention, he made her think that he'd copied in a test & Hermione went to met him in Slytherin's place past over bed time... maybe she's not the only one that feels like that... the videos contains scenes from the 2nd movie and has subs explaining the plot, so it kinda speaks for itself! though utube made me modified the song!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy it!!! This is my first fanfic video, please leave commets!! to do it better next time..... specially if you want more!! Thanks for watching LEAVE STARS!!! PLEASE! The plot comes from my imagination, but I dont intend copyrigth infridgement; characters & movie escenes belongs to R.K. Rowling an' Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets movie.