SnowDaY It was a Tuesday no it was a Monday I think it started on that Saturday but It was early for the Seasoning. They carried paint guns they wore that armor for it is heavy and does not work well in the snow. They played a fooly on poor young Tommy. They found a short hill so HE would not be afraid to board it. They found some hidden trees where he would likely smack them. The snow was also hiding a hidden boulder no one saw it there. Poor Tommy fired his paint gun. Smacked the boulder way too hard. Everybody ran into the tree line trying to hide. They all fell into the hunters trap line. In a great big net they hung there while Tommy was going ON the board to get into the MedIVac. This never really happened except in animation from the charlaxandroidoneseven justintime for CHristmas pie. Bald. Horse meat is good substitute for CHicken. NO eye am only teasing. It must be the altitude dude. At least I was too smart to make a camp outside at Telluride. Be sure to obverse your childrens activities in the SnowDaY.