The moment you were gone I new things would never be the same. I am not the same man I used to be I am a little weaker without you no matter how strong I claim. Things that I go thru now on the day to day seem so strange. I know if you were here and we went thru with everything as we planned they way I currently feel would quickly change. Kelsea you are the one that watches over me every time I roll out of the bed and go on with my day. I love you baby girl and I know God is taking care of you, thank you for being my blessed angel so to you I will also pray. I remember when we used to talk about traveling to London and different places to cook at. Well baby girl you are my biggest motivation and at this I will not fail so our plans will be filled some way I promise you that. I will be moving from this place that I have known as home for so long in a few short months. Like my tattoo I will forever carry you on my back with all of my future months.