Basics: Name: My name is George Christian Costales Date of Birth: 4-12-69 Birthplace: Gross Pointe Michigan Current Location: Harrison Twp. Michigan, but not for long!Eye Color: It changes but mostly hazel Hair Color: Dark Brown Height: 5' 11.75" lol Heritage: I am of a Spanish descent Piercings: One ear, my left lol Tattoos: One Favorite Band/Singer: Nickelback Song: I Should Have Listened Movie: It's a Wonderful Life Disney Movie: The Worlds Strongest Man lol TV show: Two and a Half Men/ Myth busters Color: Red Food: Mexican and Italian Pizza topping: Pepperoni Ice-Cream: Butter Pecan Drink (alcoholic): Long Island Ice Teas Soda: Coke Store: Gap Clothing Brand: Guess Shoe Brand: Nike Season: Summer Month: April Holiday/Festival: Fourth of July Flower: That rare ugly one that only grows...somewhere lol Make-Up Item: I guess eyeliner Board game: Mmmmmmm I made one, it's my favorite! This or That Sunny or rainy: Sunny no doubt Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate Fruit or veggie: Fruit Night or day: Definitely night Sour or sweet: Sweet Love or money: Love now Phone or in person: Person Looks or personality: Fuck me, you are going to think what you want lol Coffee or tea: Coffee Hot or cold: Hot Your:Goal for this year: To fly again Most missed memory: My Mothers Best physical feature: Ya can think what ya want I'm horrid First thought waking up: COFFEE Hypothetical personality disorder: lol I don't think so Preferred type of plastic surgery: None Sesame street alter ego: Big Bird still Fairytale alter ego: The Mighty Thor lol Most stupid remark: How's this...Do you think S!o lol Worst crime: Looking so bad on Mondays Greatest ambition: Change the world and leave a huge mark! Greatest fear:(Falling literally) /Not finishing... Darkest secret: Bad time to ask, I guess the fact that I find a VERY few men attractive, and I just want to say I know them all personally and they are married and not gay either like me and they are just good looking kinda , and they always smell good and they are very nice to me and they have helped me one time or another.... Fuck I should have just said none! lol Favorite subject: English Strangest received gift: It was sexual and indescribable Worst habit: Pissing people off lol Do You Smoke: Sometimes Drink: Sometimes Curse: All the fucking time, especially when I am frustrated Shiiiiiiiiit! Shower daily: Yes, and brush my teeth too lol Like thunderstorms: Oh yeah! Dance in the rain: I dance a lot, and yes in the rain Sing: Oh yeah Play an instrument: Drums and I wanna learn the Sax Get along with your parents: I did Wish on stars: No they're never insight when I need them Believe in fate: Yes Believe in love at first sight: I do now Can You Drive: Like no one else!!!!! Sew: Yes I can lol Cook: I try Speak another language: Yes Dance: OMG r u kidding, I freakin love it! Sing: I can and I do every Thur or Fri Touch your nose with your tongue: Hold on, nope Whistle: My mom said I could whistle before I could walk Curl your tongue: No I can be very talented wit it though Have You Ever Been Drunk: Yes and I don't like it Been Stoned/High: Yes, that does not make me feel vulnerable Eaten Sushi: Never been that hungry Been in Love: Yes, finally!!!!!!!! Skipped school: Rarely Made prank calls: lol Yes, good ones Sent someone a love letter: I am going to start! Stolen something: Yes Cried yourself to sleep: No, but I've woken up only to start uncontrollably! Other Questions What annoys you most in a person? Greed Are you right or left handed? Both What is your bedtime? Yeah right lol Name three things ya can't do without: Tools, Books and you Maybe I should have said food, drink and Jesus? What is the color of your room? White Do you have any siblings? Two sisters Do you have any pets? No Would ya kill someone ya hate for a million $? If I had to What is you middle name? Christian What are you nicknames? Fix aka "The Fix" Against gay marriage? Fuck that and not in the ass either! Do you have a crush on anyone? I am in love! Are you afraid of the dark? Have you ever been on the flight deck of a Carrier, in the middle of the ocean, during Condition Zebra? Yeah, just a little! lol How do you want to die? Doing something I love Largest amount of Popsicles you've eaten in one day? 24 lol Would ya take a bullet for the one ya love? I'd bleed blue! What's the last law you've broken? Wouldn't ya like to know In a Member of the Opposite Sex Hair color: Variety Eye color: All Height under: Tall but not too much taller than me Weight under: 140 Most important physical feature: A SMILE Biggest turn-off: I don't get turned off, I'm on and it's permanent! lol