During much of our stay, Ruth was busy getting everything ready for the wedding, while taking care of her mother. So on Friday morning, Ron became our host again and took us down to Singapore's Marina Bay area, including the mall, the roof top gardens on top of the Sands Hotel and to the Marina Bay Tropical Gardens. We started our trek by walking, this time, to the Bedok Terminal where buses and the local rail system meet. There we picked up a MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) train to the Marina Bay Station. After a few transfers we made our way to Marina Bay where to took few subterranean escalators to arrive at the Mall. Being close to lunchtime, Ron took us straight to the food court area. There you could find a vast variety of Asian food kiosks. After enjoying a lunch of cooked vegetables, rice and meats, Ron treated us to some delicious cheesecake deserts and coffee. As you can see from the above photo, not only were these deserts delicious, they were well presented. Hard to believe we at a food court...but that's Singapore.