THEY STAND BY THEIR WORK!!!! Just Brakes Conyers Georgia No Complaint Zone: -They inspect your brakes completely and show you exactly what is wrong with them. -These guys go the extra mile and they stand by their work I will never hesitate to use them again. THEY SHOW ME WHAT IS GOING ON THAT'S IMPORTANT!! Just Brakes Conyers Georgia review Part 1: All of you are morons that think $100 will fix your brakes. I went there and yes it was more money but I knew going in it would be. Just like when I go get my oil changed I know it will be more than the coupon says, or when I go buy tires it will be more than the ad. I bet your shocked when you go to Mc Donald's and they want you to super size it, do you get mad at them? I have taken them 3 different cars, they showed me what was going on and then told me what was most important.