The dForce Trainer is the only system on the market that can develop superior speed, vertical jumping and quickness for a variety of sports without pounding the feet, ankles, knees, quads, hamstrings, hips, lower and upper back, the oblique and abdominal muscles. As competitive as athletics are today at all levels, the one thing that distinguishes great athletes is speed. Speed is generated by a combination of force, drive, momentum, acceleration, stride length, stride frequency and muscle development & conditioning. Our keys to developing great speed is to optimize stride frequency with stride length while creating maximum horizontal force. The net result of these components is a player speed potential. The ability to jump and hang in the air is required for sports such as basketball, volleyball, track & field and football. This is the one thing that can instantly raise an athlete performance to another level. The power for jumping is generated largely by the lower body muscles while the core and upper body muscles support the vertical lift driving force. Quickness can be the determining factor as to what level you can play a sport (high school, college, professional ... etc). The balls of feet too toes weight transfer is one of the main keys for your overall body quickness. Our system is designed to maximize the muscle development for the toes, feet, ankles, Achilles and calves. As much as 30% of energy is generated by the lower legs for sprinting, jumping and overall body quickness. No leg strengthening system will do more to increase an athlete's vertical jumping, sprinting and overall body quickness. Our speed, vertical jumping and quickness system contain exercises that builds the fast twitch muscle fibers and power for explosive speed, jumping and quickness for any sport. Visit are web site at: