Ascendant Taurus, Venus in conjunction with MC (the top – career) he also was born to be President, even for only 32 days. Uranus in the 1st shows that he was revolutionary; the Sun in Aquarius shows the same. He had Moon in Virgo (as many other Presidents): what he has done it was done correct. His Sun in square with Uranus shows that he was in danger, very often. Private life: In 1795 Harrison met Anna Symmes, of North Bend, Ohio. She was the daughter of Judge John Cleves Symmes, a prominent figure in the state, and former representative to the Congress of the Confederation. When Harrison asked the judge for permission to marry Anna, he was refused. Harrison waited until Symmes left on business, then he and Anna eloped and married on November 25, 1795.Together they had 10 children: six sons and four daughters. Nine lived into adulthood and one died in infancy. Anna was frequently in poor health during the marriage, primarily due to her many pregnancies. Nevertheless, she outlived William by 23 years, dying at age 88 on February 25, 1864. Health and death: On March 26, Harrison became ill with a cold. It was believed that his illness was directly caused by the bad weather. But, he became ill more than three weeks after the inauguration; modern studies have shown that exposure to adverse weather does not cause respiratory illnesses. The cold worsened, rapidly turning to pneumonia and pleurisy Harrison's doctors tried cures, applying opium, castor oil, leeches, and Virginia snakeweed. But the treatments only made Harrison worse, and he became delirious. He died nine days after becoming ill at 12:30 a.m. on April 4, 1841, of right lower lobe pneumonia, jaundice, and overwhelming septicemia. My comment here: it wasn't pneumonia, but somebody gave him »help« to die!