On 11 May 1625, Charles was married to Henrietta Maria in front of the doors of the Notre Dame de Paris, before his first Parliament could meet to forbid the banns. Many members were opposed to the king marrying a Roman Catholic, fearing that Charles would lift restrictions on Roman Catholics and undermine the official establishment of Protestantism. Although he stated to Parliament that he would not relax restrictions relating to recusants, he promised to do exactly that in a secret marriage treaty with Louis XIII of France. Moreover, the price of marriage with the French princess was a promise of English aid for the French crown in the suppressing of the Protestant Huguenots at La Rochelle, thereby reversing England's long held position in the French Wars of Religion. The couple was married on 13 June 1625 in Canterbury and Charles himself was crowned on 2 February 1626 at Westminster Abbey, but without his wife at his side due to the controversy. Charles and Henrietta had seven children, with three sons and three daughters surviving infancy. Ascendant Virgo with Mercury in 4th: he loved his home country. North Node in the 5th: means that he has enjoyed with his children. During his time started the Civil War on 26 October 1642 with the inconclusive Battle of Edgehill and continued indecisively through 1643 and 1644.There followed a great number of defeats for the Royalists, and then the Siege of Oxford, from which Charles escaped in April 1646. He put himself into the hands of the Scottish Presbyterian army at Newark.The Presbyterians delivered Charles to them in 1647. He was imprisoned in Northamptonshire. Charles Stuart, as his death warrant states, was beheaded on Tuesday, 30 January 1649. After the execution it was reported that he wore two shirts to prevent the cold weather causing any noticeable shivers that the crowd could have mistaken for fear or weakness. Death by execution shows Mars (part of 8th) in square with Jupiter in the 1st.