Nicholas Carter (Nico) Muay Thai Trainer demonstrates “TIGER PUSH UPS. This push up is a great variation of the “standard” push up in that you will get a full body workout instead of a one dimension workout: up and down. This exercise will help with developing full body power. Note, this exercise is substantially different than a HINDU PUSH UP in that there is no sitting back and pushing off with the feet while resisting with the hands. To perform this exercise get in push up position. Drop chest down just above floor, push up with the arms allowing the hips to stay in place causing a slight arch in the lower back. Rise up with the hips briefly holding the position. Sit back extending arms out placing buttocks just at the base of your heels. Resist with your hands, push off with your feet back to start position. REPEAT. This pushup can be done in fluid motion as well as holding in each position for a few seconds making each rep take up to 30-45 seconds. .