Denver Virtual Offices 3773 Cherry Creek Drive North, Suite 575 Denver, CO 80209 303-501-1801 A virtual office can mean a lot of different things depending upon the company you're talking to. But for us, here at Denver Virtual Offices, it really boils down to three things: 1. A professional Mailing Address 2. A Business phone service or Virtual PBX service 3. Meeting space/Conference rooms A Professional Mailing Address: You can utilize our offices and our office address to serve as a professional location for your business. We can receive your mail and sign for any Fed Ex or UPS packages you might receive. We can also serve as a pick-up and/or drop off point for you. So, if a client needs to deliver paperwork to you or pick up something from you, we can take care of that right through our front desk. Business Phone Service/Virtual PBX/Virtual Receptionist: We can provide a dedicated telephone number to serve as your company line. This helps you so you don't have to blow through your own cell phone minutes. Also, it helps so that you won't be bothered by calls all hours of the night, and you aren't giving out your home telephone number to everybody out there in internet land. Meeting space/Conference rooms: This is the core component of a virtual office. We have five meeting rooms located within our suite, seating between 3-12 people. These rooms can be utilized for any client meetings that you may have.