Athena Greek/ Roman goddess. She is 1 of 3 virginal goddesses that chose chastity. She is the goddess of war, wisdom, justice, arts/ crafts, weaving and industry. Athena's symbols are the sword, the spear, the shield, her armor, the serpent, the owl, and the olive tree. She invented the sailing ship so man could harness the power of the wind, she also invented the bridle so that Pegasus could be tamed and so man can tame horses. She also gave the city of Athens the olive tree for food, oil, and shade in honor of their strong worship of her. Athena is the daughter of Zeus and Metis. Her birth was unlike anyone else's. When Zeus found out that Metis was pregnant, he immediately swallowed her up fearing that she would give birth to a son that would over throw his power. Metis quickly began to weave a robe and prepared to make armor and weaponry for Athena. One day Zeus got a bad head ache when metis was hammering the gold into Athena's armor. His headache lasted for weeks on end, it got so bad that he had Hephaestus take his axe and split Zeus's forehead open. When he did that, out came Athena fully grown clothed and claiden in armor, she yelled out her battle cry. Athena was ready for war at birth. Though she would never out right cause a battle, she would rather be counted on to settle disputes, defend her home land and protect other women. She quickly became known as "the Favorite One" because, she was Zeus's favorite daughter. Because she was the favorite daughter of Zeus she was the only other god or goddess entrusted to be able to use Zeus's thunderbolts. In latter year Athena became known as "Pallas Athena" because of the death of her friend Pallas. Pallas was a goddess who was Athena's closest friend, she would practice fight skills with Athena. One day during one of their fight practices, an accident caused Athena to mortally wound Pallas. Pallas later died that day and Athena felt so much grief and pain that she took on Pallas's name in honor for her, that was how Athena became "Pallas Athena".