What's this, more Star Wars references? I have a bad feeling about this. Bad feeling is right, since it's a post-Poof episode of 'The Fairly OddParents', which means it's running on fumes. The plot deals with Poof and his antifairy counterpart, Foop, entering the school for young fairies. Wait, wasn't Poof supposed to be the first fairy baby to be born in 10,000 years? Did the other babies appear immediately after Poof's birth? If so, you'd think such event be regarded as a huge deal. Anyway, the episode is pretty much Foop constantly stirring s**t up and eventually having a lightsaber duel against Poof. It's like Vicky and Timmy harassing each other, except it's not funny or interesting and thus nothing like it at all. The Force is not strong with this one.