Once there was a child that was born on the 6th day of the 6th month in the 6th year. This child made a statue of LadyMary her self cry out blood as he was born in to a christian church. Villagers hearing of these chaotic events they rebealed agianst the royal family burning down the castel, and killing those whom were in league with the royal guardsman. However the boy was saved by the Kings right hand man. As years went on the boy was triand with both moderen, and medevial weaponry. On the childs 12th bithday his powers began to reveal themselves. The Knight found out the suspicians were correct however the Guardsman remiand at the boy's side until his last of days. During the very last breath the man had left in him he told the child of his past. Soon after witch the child left with only one goal in mind. To bring upon justice for all that he believes deserves it good, or evil.