This is the story of Adam Blande who is a charismatic dreamer obsessed with his quest to find his mother he never knew and a father who spent his life as a petty criminal. Devin, who grew up on the streets with Adam, is moved by his friends endearing but impetuous schemes towards that end, and often finds himself stepping in to protect Adam from the volatile situations his obsession frequently creates. Even the love of the same woman, the beautiful and haunting Kobe, has not torn the fabric of their relationship. But Adam’s reckless impulses to provide a perfect life for the parents he is not even sure exist finally puts both their lives in jeopardy. Devin is forced to weigh the value of their friendship against the value of his own life when… Adam beguiles a loan shark, Tyan, out of thirty thousand dollars to buy a dream house for his would-be parents but fails to meet the deadline on the loan. Incensed, Tyan plots a vengeful bloodbath. Both Adam and Devin find themselves embroiled in a dramatic twist of fate that will tear them away from the lives they have known in a way they could have never imagined. If Tomorrow Comes stars James Franco, Dave Buzzotta (She’s All That, Prophecy III), James Madio (Band Of Brothers, Hero, Basketball Diaries), Jake Thomas (A.I., The Cell), Brian Thompson (Jason And The Argonauts, Cobra, The X-Files), and Helen Udy (Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman). Directed by: Gerrit Steenhagen