[ http://www.ankaka.com/led-grow-light-with-super-harvest-colors-45w-edition-environmentally-safe-led-light_p392.html ] LED Grow Light with Super Harvest Colors (45W Edition) - LED Grow Light to stimulate plant growth Introducing the latest in LED plant growth technology, the G191 LED Grow Light with Super Harvest Colors. This new 45W Edition stimulates quicker and more robust active fruition of your plants at a lower operating cost than conventional lighting systems. Use LED technology to provide your favorite (organics, veggies, plants) with high intensity lighting that stimulates maximum growth. Highlights... • LED Grow Light to stimulate plant growth • Powerful 45W red and blue LED's, keeps your plants and flowers healthy and strong • Designed for maximum energy-efficiency to reduce wasted light, heat and costs • Environmentally safe, mercury and heavy metal-free lighting [ http://www.ankaka.com/led-grow-light-with-super-harvest-colors-45w-edition-environmentally-safe-led-light_p392.html ] To see more Ankaka Wholesale LED Lightings: [ http://www.ankaka.com/Wholesale-led-lighting_c10079 ]