[ http://www.ankaka.com/starry-night-sky-projector-with-rgb-color-changing-leds-bedroom-light_p1036.html?zenid=elbaio0irjp9e46h555ml39jq5 ] A nice little projector, projecting the night sky filled with stars and a crescent moon. Perfect for daughters and any one who enjoys a little night light during the night. This star beauty projector can be powered by 3 AA batteries or using the AC adapter that comes with it. With just two buttons to select from, this night sky projector can either be left on a constant mode portraying the night sky with all its amazing features, along with the Red, Green and Blue LED color further improving the visual effects of the projection, or simply select the mode that only projects the RGB colors simulating the night sky with three color effects. Wondering what to get your daughters this Christmas, well, we all know one Christmas present these days don't just cut it anymore. This night sky projector can be an excellent addition to your Christmas gifts. So, if have a little extra room underneath that Christmas tree, then this is the present waiting to be wrapped and placed just under your Christmas tree. The starry night sky projector is in stock now, and available to you at an amazing factory direct wholesale price, straight form the leaders in consumer wholesale electronics, Ankaka. [ http://www.ankaka.com/starry-night-sky-projector-with-rgb-color-changing-leds-bedroom-light_p1036.html?zenid=elbaio0irjp9e46h555ml39jq5 ] To see more Ankaka LED gadgets: [ http://www.ankaka.com/Wholesale-led-lighting_c10079 ]