[ http://www.ankaka.com/high-power-100mw-green-laser-pointer-all-metal-combat-edition-allweather-cast-metal-design_p237.html ] Highlights... 100mW green laser All-weather cast metal design Adjustable beam diameter up to 30x Built in lock and keys for child safety Laser is strong enough to burn matches and pop balloons! Notes from Manufacturers Weatherproof - use it outside in any weather (but do not submerse under water). This makes a great gift for today's cutting-edge gadget collector. Rotate the laser head attachment to increase or decrease the size of the laser. NOTE: Never expose your eyes or anyone else's to the laser beam. Notes from Ankaka Customer Service From how far away will I be able to see the point made by the laser? The laser is strong enough to reach across any large building (like warehouse or distribution center) and still be seen even in high light conditions. Outdoors, you can visibly see it across any sized sports field or hunting ground. The visible distance rating for these types of lasers is typically up to 5,000ft, but we have not tested this product for that distance. You show a picture of the laser lighting a match, is that true? How long did it take? Yes, that those are real pictures from our product testing room. The time it took to light the match was less than 30 seconds. [ http://www.ankaka.com/high-power-100mw-green-laser-pointer-all-metal-combat-edition-allweather-cast-metal-design_p237.html ] To see more Ankaka cool gadgets : [ http://www.ankaka.com/Wholesale-cool-gadgets_c10026 ]