[ http://www.ankaka.com/iron-samurai-japanese-inspired-red-led-watch_p22.html ] Highlights Crimson Red LED's Time and Date function Top row for hours display Bottom row for minutes display Normally sells for around USD200 Notes from Manufacturers Similar LED watches sell on the Internet for over 10x the Ankaka price, simply google "Japanese LED Watch" to see for yourself. Press the top button to display the time on demand. This watch is not waterproof Notes from Ankaka Customer Service How do I change the time and date on this watch? Press the lower button on the right side of the watch. This will cause the current setting to blink. Continue pressing the lower button until you arrive at the setting you want to change. Next, press the top button to change the information. What type of batteries does this watch use? This Japanese LED watch uses a single CR2016 watch battery. Other names this type of battery goes by are button cell, silver button cell, or coin cell batteries. How long will the batteries last? The batteries should last longer than with a normal watch since time and date information is only displayed when you want. Is this a Tokyo Flash watch? No, it is better because it costs almost 1/15th the price of a Tokyo Flash watch and is also backed by Ankaka's famous 12 month warranty. Why is this watch called The Iron Samurai? Because while it is illegal to walk around your city with a samurai sword, it is not illegal to wear a watch around town. But how can you wear a watch that embodies the same coolness as a samurai sword? Only by buying and wearing the Iron Samurai my friend. click on: [ http://www.ankaka.com/iron-samurai-japanese-inspired-red-led-watch_p22.html ] To see more Ankaka cool LED watch gadgets: [ http://www.ankaka.com/Wholesale-cool-gadgets_c10026 ]