Tsuki was a beautiful little girl. She was rich, Pretty, Smart, Strong, and royalty. However, what was behind the closed doors of the palace was unknown. Her mother was a nice women in the day, your average house wife, but at night she was a monster. She hated her children. She hated Tsuki the most for some reason... Every night they would all get beaten. Tsuki has 4 siblings. A younger half-brother of age 2 when she was 7. A twin brother. And an older half-sister that she hated. Her mother had an affair with another man and ended up with her sister and little brother. One night she was sent to bed early, no one had eaten... including mother. Her mother walked into the room as she was fast asleep dreaming of the wonderful family she wished she had, until she woke up to something wet dripping on her face. She looked up to see a drooling monster. "go to sleep, dear" it said to her. Could this hideous thing really be her mother? In fact, it was. Her mother had a vampire demon in her, one that craved Tsuki's blood every second of every day of every week. Tsuki has black blood, the only human in the world that could live with this blood, she also had a cat demon in her. She was best at fire bending in the fire kingdom because she had her mother and father's skills combined. Just as her mother had pinned her to the wall ready to suck that delicious blood, her father walked in with a butcher knife. She had never seen her father so cruel she was frightened. "how do kill a Bitch?" the last word was hissed with so much hate. "I-I-I don't know, daddy..." she managed to mutter out with fear. as he stabbed her mother with the butcher knife, she ran... ran far away... to where? She had no clue. Just away from there. She had no friends, no family, no one to TRUST. Want to know where she goes? See Eve and Tsuki's friendship Photo in my album. P.S- Tsuki has a 2 headed winged panther demon technically and she has a scar on her right eye so she wears bangs to cover it so just imagine bangs on her right eye.