Yes... You're drunk... But he's from a different pack girl. A different world. Don't do it... Don't do it... *Hours later* Fuck... I did it... Or rather him... ((XD)) Katherine is a Null. Meaning if it's magic, you can't do it around her. Vampires can't roll people, stringing them around their fingers, witches can't cast spells, warlocks can't make enchantments, runes and charms of luck and love are pretty much useless if she's about. Even were's can't change forms around her. So of course, she's the perfect person to hire when your group of paranormals needs to meet with another group of paranormals from another city. Or hell, if you need to go to theirs, just offer enough money and she'll go with you. Which is exactly what the wolf pack of Dallas, TX did when the pack Leader needed to speak with the Were Pack leader of LA. Things went great at the meeting, a little too great if you asked Kathy. She didn't mean to sleep with the unmated leader of LA, but oopsie, she did. And now if she doesn't go back to LA with him, Dallas's wolf pack will have to fight off his MUCH bigger pack. And she would have been totally fine with it... If she weren't allready engaged to the Master Vampire of Dallas. What the fuck is a girl supposed to do?