Bigger (in a great deal of cases) is better. This is most certainly true of paper clips. Here at gadgetshop HQ we love using hefty clips to group together the uber top secret files of the upcoming latest and greatest gadgetness. Which are then heat sealed in a bag, locked in a safe, this safe locked in a bigger safe, then placed in a vault which is guarded day and night by menacing dogs with wings. But that's enough on our security measures. This clip, from the amusingly named peeps at 'Pick My Cherry', holds much more than just paper. Oh yes. The Big Clip is made from solid 10mm chrome plated steel rod, measures 28cm, attaches to the wall making a fantastic coat hook, magazine rack, door stop, or simply icon of abstract art. Or string them together in a chain and hang from a ceiling hook for a potentially never ending coat stand. The possibilities, as the saying goes, are endless. Features Giant Paper Clip wall hook Hang your bag or coat Contains screws and plugs for fastening Made from hand treated steel Specification Dimensions: Height: 28.0cm Width: 15.0cm Depth: 5.0cm Weight: 0.4Kg China supplier: Email : Skype ID : chanceller819