212-579-3536 New York Messenger Service, New York City Queens Jersey City Nassau County NY GETGO Messenger Service Courier Distribution Courier Warehouse Trucking NJ http://www.getgomessenger.com Our mission is simply to provide our clients with prompt courteous service. New York City Messenger Services We are a complete and comprehensive service that can satisfy all your delivery and warehouse needs including route, scheduled work, archiving, hub service, and any other delivery and warehouse needs. We provide Direct Rush delivery service with vans and trucks available 24 hours and 7 days a week. Be it by van or truck delivery, the package will be delivered secure, safe, and on time. Like the city we love, we never sleep. The tri-state metropolitan area is our backyard. Our fleet of fully motorized and radio dispatched drivers are both friendly and professional providing you with quality courier delivery service. The competent dispatch team that coordinates and backs up our fleet is second to none. We are bonded and fully insured. Worrying about your packages and parcels is our job, not yours. With GETGO you get the peace of mind you deserve. We offer a variety of services including: New York messenger services New York courier services Union drivers (Job site deliveries) New York & tri-state time sensitive deliveries Warehouse services Truck services Click on the various links or call us at 212-579-3536/718-326-3818 to know more of the other services we offer. GETGO messenger services, the best in NY & NJ.