I've never made an black haired blue eyed rpc before so I decided to do something different for a new rpc [inspired by koga] and do black hair and blue eyes but then decided to try a lil more different then usual and make him have two toned eyes, i always make my characters with pupils so this time i didnt [they didnt look good on him anyways] i always make short hair so i made longer hair for once and even a different clothing style for once [possible full body coming soon] now lets get to some background on this guy huh?. His nickname is Ansatsu but his codename [similar to sai] is Yang, he comes from a family of assassins and is a very skilled one too himself, but he is still too young and decides to infiltrate the hidden leaf village to further his training using his codename Yang, once he is accepted he is placed on Mariko and Kosuke's team, his parents and fellow assassins are aware of this and lets him pursue further training there, Yang's personality is very cold and distant having been taught not to grow attachments and remain emotionless Yang's typically quiet and reserved, but really Yang has a very kind heart and would prefer not having to live a life of killing, Yang's a weapons expert and has the unique ability to absorb an enemy's chakra with bare physical contact, so he keeps mostly covered up to prevent accidentally touching someone and stealing their chakra, his chakra nature is wind and is well known for his Blade of wind technique [much like naruto's shadow clone jutsu] which he uses effectively with Mariko's Fire realese and Kosuke's Ice/Water realese, over time he grows fond of them and becomes a bit softer towards them, but when Mariko abandons the village with Sasuke he turns dark and cold and completely unfeeling,[shippuden] when Kosuke goes on a retrieval mission to bring Mariko back and fails Yang decides to take matters into his own hands, he tell's Kosuke that he's not gonna try to bring her back but instead he's going to capture them both dead or alive and show no mercy