The Hungry Bear and The Sly Lady Cat My baby bear loves to chit and chat Except when he eats his lunch He didn’t want to talk to the sly lady cat Because he just wanted to crunch and munch He devours his food in a hustle So the lady cat doesn’t eat it all away He crunched and munched with all his muscle Eating every morsel to make time for play One morning before his meal the bear looked outside and saw a cocoon He was curious and left his home but forgot his lunch Lady cat then decided to pick up a spoon And ate all the bears’ food with a very loud MUNCH! The bear tried to play with the cocoon But his belly started to growl Better go in and eat my food soon! But when he came back, lady cat was at foul He saw the cat lap his food up She smiled and said, ‘’Finder’s Keepers…’’ The bear then noticed his empty cup Lady cat finished with ‘’…Losers Weepers’’