In the jungle not everything is what it seems to be" “Sex, intrigue, and danger flow like snakes venom in this book. Shein and Levenberg have hit the mark.” Michael Z. Gordon Producer of the motion picture “Narc” Take three dead federal agents - a Mexican drug cartel - the Russian mob - endangered animal and venom smuggling, throw in some DNA cloning of endangered and extinct species, wrap it all around a beautiful eccentric Mexican diva name Maria and her army of venomous serpents and it spells, SERPENTAURIA FBI agent Caesar Sanchez and his beautiful brainy partner Julie Genaro stumble into a snakes nest of danger and suspense when they try to unravel the mystery of the dead agents which takes them on a gripping roller coaster journey from the arid deserts of Arizona to the hidden jungles of Mexico where they come face to face with an extraordinary discovery that is destined to change the world as we know it. In SERPENTAURIA, Erik Daniel Shein and Eric Levenberg create a mesmerizing, scientific, and electrifying techno thriller.The novel is wholly unique in that it combines elements of the mystery detective genre with art history, cutting edge science, and Native American mysticism. The story also sheds light on the alarming number of endangered animals that are about to become extinct. Erik Daniel Shein is an award winning television producer and author with over thirty books in print. He has a background in Zoology and specializes in reptiles and amphibians. He lives in Arizona. Eric Levenberg is a filmmaker and writer living in Los Angeles.