BOKEELIA, Fla.- Have you ever heard things go bump in the night and you can't explain it? Have you seen a ghost? You may be interested to know that right here in Southwest Florida there is a group of "ghost hunters" investigating the paranormal. WINK News spoke with members of "paranormal research incorporated" at a Bokeelia restaurant and got some haunting results! From the outside, Capt'n Con's Fish House doesn't look so scary. Quaint surroundings, a nice restaurant by the water, but some say there is something odd going on inside and it's not the fish special. Ian Hickin is the founder of Florida Paranormal Research. He's investigated this place before. "I find that with hauntings like this, it is not always someone who died here or some tragic accident it may have been someone who spent their whole life working here," Hickin said. Hickin hosts an Internet ghost hunting show that he has produced for the last three and a half years. The former firefighter says he's seen his share of tragedy and believes that led him to paranormal studies. "Something very strange happens at the moment of death. So it became my passion to research what happens at that moment," Hickin said. "What I like about Captain Con's Fish House is that we always get a lot of activity and the activity is usually very positive." To Watch The Show Goto www.GhostShow.NET Video is Produced by WINK TV in Fort Myers, Florida Fort Myers Broadcasting, Inc.