You already know what time it is....Aizen's gonna lay the whip ass on em Don't put it in your album and display it like it's yours please. IT'S MINE!! DAMN YOU... btw, Are you impressed with my ability to amass whore graphics? Are you dazzled by the rate at which I do so? Do I not have the greatest photobucket evah? *stare* that's not a rhetorical question, you know Since you are in here you might as well comment. Don't bother commenting on my vulgarity. I am well aware, of it. I meant to be vulgar. You're pissing me off!!! DON'T PUT MY SIGNATURES, Icons, FANSHADIGNS OR MY CELL/CUSTOM Renders in your album Gifs and images don't count (unless they have a name on it) Save it...don't display it