Stupid flash!! It says, "We've always been proud of everything you do. We don't need a crowd to say we love you! Congratulations on your high school graduation." Thanks to us, my little brother appears in the yearbook maaaaaany times besides his senior photo, the TV and Science Clubs' shots, the senior class group shot, and of course his hilarious (though photo-less--why did they stop doing things right after I left?!) quote at the end ("A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kickboxing."-Emo Philips) Lol. I quoted e.e. cummings, Fred quoted Tupac, and Joe quotes that guy. Everything with him comes back to computers, cameras, etc...seriously. xD Almost all of his autographs talk about his tech-savvy. Mom couldn't help doing so in this corny poem she wrote, lol. (MN=VINCENT ;) He should be proud of that!