To all animal lovers; please read! The Humane Society is in dire need of foster parents for kittens and puppies! What I did: I was thinking about how, at zoos, they let some of the wild, motherless kittens (cubs, I guess) be fostered, and I figured the same thing might go at the Humane Society. So I called, and it turns out they have tons of motherless kittens, all needing different care. Some need to be bottle fed, some need to be given medecine, some pregnant mothers need a safe place to give birth, and some are feral kittens who need to be socialized. I went through a brief Volunteer Orientation to learn the ways of the Humane Society, and became the mother of three 8-week-old feral girls! About my daughters: Abby, Bethy, and Cloud are my 8-week-old ferals. I've had them for about 3 days now, and they are beginning to calm down. They hiss and spit a lot at first, but they've never bitten or scratched anyone. They need a litter box, food, water, and a bed. I keep them in my bedroom (fencing off under my bed so they won't hide all day), which works well because of my brother's allergies. They get lots of love from so many people, and they're reasonably easy to care for (I can't say the same about newborn fosters who need to be bottle-fed every 2 hours!), and all they want is a little love! What you can do: Call your local Humane Society or no-kill shelter and talk about getting a foster kitten or puppy. Different ages and situations may provide the perfect foster for your life and time schedule. Shelters really really need foster parents, and besides being helpful and rewarding, it's a ton of fun for animal-lovers! What is fostering: A foster kitten is an orphan kitten who needs a mother. Some of them were found in alleys, some had their mothers die... so many things could happen. So a foster parent's job is to be the kitten's mother... which might mean washing them, making them feel loved, and feeding them. It all depends on the age and condition of the kitten. After being fostered for a certain amount of time, they will be returned to the Humane Society and able to adopt! In Abby Bethy and Clouds' lives, I made the difference between living in a dirty cell for the rest of their lives and living in a nice home with loving people... and knowing that I made that difference makes me feel terrific! Once my three girls are adopted out, I can get more fosters and have just as much fun! I really hope I have touched some hearts and convinced someone to open their homes to an orphan animal for just a few weeks!