Sonic Generations Visit, Us : Our first look at the game took us through the first level in the Green Hill Zone, which we saw twice: once in classic and once in modern. As old Sonic fans will remember, Green Hill Zone is all about lush tropical environments, achingly blue skies, brightly colored palm trees, checkered hills, and a zillion loop-de-loops. The level has been given a HD makeover, so it still retains the classic feel of the old Sonic games, but there's a lot more color and vibrancy to admire. Not that you have much time to take in the surroundings, what with this being a Sonic game and all. Our head spun as we watched Sonic get back into old form in the classic mode, zipping around the various springs, slopes, and loops while jumping for rings, avoiding spikes and generally becoming reacquainted with all of his old abilities (the spin dash is a favorite).