This is an illustrated Christmas song of hope. I originally wrote this for war-torn Military families. However, the song also applies to fathers absent from their children due to other circumstances. If you appreciate the song, please forward a link to anyone you feel will be touched by its message. I am hopeful there will be Military personnel and their families who will receive a link and be blessed by the reminder that Jesus Christ truly is the Prince of Peace. My heart especially aches for their children who carry such a heavy burden at Christmastime. Just knowing Daddy cannot be safe at home can turn this wonderful season into a time of fear and uncertainty. I pray they find some comfort in hearing that Jesus holds them in His arms and in His care. I am keenly aware that war is not the only force tearing fathers from children. Our society at home has become a war zone in many respects. Broken families and emotional rubble are all around us. Every community is affected and, as in war, it is the children who endure the deepest suffering. However, though the circumstances may differ, the source of hope remains the same; “My love can bring your daddy home.” Thank you for listening. May God grant you a blessed Christmas as you accept the gift of His son Jesus. Sincerely, Jene Bonnett