Day 8 of the 39 Day Challenge. Code of Honor. One of my most brilliant mentors is Blair Singer, author of Sales Dogs and The ABCs of Building Business Teams That Win. He is an excellent speaker, brilliant business mind and an awesome guy. One of the core tools he refers to in the ABCs book is what he calls a Code of Honor. Simply put: a set of rules and consequences. We are always playing games. In our relationships, organizations, teams, businesses, etc. Each interaction is a different game and each game has its own set of rules. Now, if each person in the interaction comes in with his/her own set of rules, imagine the chaos. A code of honor helps to unify the rules into a single list that everyone agrees on. That way, each player is on the same page and understands how to play the game. The code of honor also includes the consquences of breaking the rules. Again, each player agrees on what it going to happen when someone breaks a rule. This allows the team to use the code as the disciplinary tool, instead of each other. It gets emotion out of the way. If you are building a team for a business, a family, or an organization, start with a code of honor that everyone can agree on. The team will be much better off with it in place from the beginning.