League City is hosting its first annual festival combining wine, food, music, art and more. Presenting, League City Uncorked, A Global Wine and Art Experience. A celebration with such variety you can create your own experience. Come and enjoy the vibrant culture of wine, food and art with an international focus on Australia, South America, South Africa and Europe. Learn proper wine tasting and pairing techniques, visit our beer garden or indulge in our V.I.P. Moroccan Cigar room. Strolling through the promenade you will find that League City Uncorked has assembled exceptional artists and craftsman in every media from photography to interactive art to the daily art cars on display. League City Uncorked is the place to be and it is all accompanied by dynamic artists playing a wide musical mix live on the Elite Care stage. Be prepared to join our daily grape stomp and I Love Lucy look-a-like contest. So much to do, take your pick or try and taste, sip and sample it all. For more information or to buy your tickets today, please visit our website at www.leaguecityuncorked.com Come enjoy League City Uncorked. A sensory Explosion!