Lisa Wingate's exciting new book, "Beyond Summer" TV interview with Sharon Colson, KAMU-TV. New York Times Bestseller, Sandra Dallas says, "Beyond Summer is beyond good. It's great!" Excerpts From chapter 1:"Beyond Summer" Chapter 1 Tam Lambert It's strange, the things you look past in a normal day--the big picture you don't see, while you're busy focusing on all the little things that seem to matter in the moment. Good hair, an outfit that looks just right, a green light ahead when you're in a hurry to make an appointment, a short line at Starbucks, a straight shot down the fairway in a game of golf, a smile from a cute guy in the parking lot. You rub your life like Aladdin's lamp, and magic floats out in little clouds. It works time, after time, after time. You never stop to consider that there could be a day when a charmed life isn't charmed anymore. At that point, the wishes become prayers, and you hope against hope that God will take up where the wishing lamp left off.