Since a couple of days my friends and me feel really concerned about a young love couple living in Afghanistan right now! They come from different religions and - that's the way how life sometimes just is behaving - simply have fallen in love with each other without any chance to stand against their own strong feelings quite obviously! We will call them Ali & Haifa here! Haifa's father wants to ask the Afghan authorities to immediately kill them like he already has said! The inhabitants of the village where all of them live quite obviously want to see the two young folks die in just the same way! Only some very brave local policemen have hindered a mob from killing both of them just a couple of days before right there in the streets! They now sit in an Afghanistan jail as we were told! The situation still seems to be extraordinarily dangerous for Ali & Haifa! We have chosen world soccer to become the topic or theme of this video because we believe that sports can do a lot to bring the young people of the world closer to each other generally! Maybe some of the mayor soccer clubs of the world will be ready to name both young folks their members of honor! (This is valid for world basketball, baseball, American football, tennis, cricket or any other popular kinds of sport around this world in just the same way, too, of course!) It could help a lot and send out some clear signals from us all! And time is running away for the two young lovers! Ali has already said several times he never will give up his love to her for nothing in the world at all! I called this song "A song from the Ether" (internet), because my friends and me still get heavily attacked by the Chinese authorites and their secret service agents normally when uploading any new music video clips to the worldwide web!