Can a cat do some "gangster rap"? Indeed, it can! While it is leaving for a catwalk party! One of my own best friends is a tomcat called "Tiger", he daily visits me in my flat coming from a neighbor upstairs scratching at my door so I will let him in. That's how the idea for this new party-mix video clip was born. For "Tiger" is a real born "gangster", he only does those things he really likes and prefers to do and there's no chance at all to keep him away from a thing (even if he might put himself into some smaller or bigger danger by this!). Nevertheless they didn't give him access to the party as a cat, so I had to join it without him. What a pity! I met model Eva Padberg and singer Jesse McCartney there! ("Tiger" will be angry at me when I'll return home and I think he's got the right to feel this way in the end!)