In this little film clip I speak about the organized crime of the world and why you better shouldn`t join it yourself at all in my eyes already as a young man or maybe just later in your life, too! From a surely somewhat unusual point of view of an international singer-songwriter & poet, but with regard to some medical aspects, too! And I truly believe that it are just exactly these new radical ways of mine to look at the things occasionally (about which I speak from time to time with some others, too), that are one of the main reasons why now the old health system and some of the docs (just like Riedemann, too) that still work in it would more than just like to have me back in one of their psychiatric clinics as a former patient (who suffered under some more than deep depressions at that time) just to get some really fantastic opportunity by this to simply put under some prove that I`m absolutely wrong with what I tell the folks! But how far they will be ready to go to show the world? I really think there possibly lies some hidden danger for me in it! Because a lot of people in the pharmaceutical industry and the individual health systems of our home countries use to make huge sums of money out of the small pills or pharmaceutics they describe to just everybody by now in each one of their statal (or private) psychiatric clinics like we all do know just all too well! (And so I beg all of you to have some eye just upon my whereabouts or where I might have stayed as a friend if I shouldn`t have given some sign of life to all of you for already some longer time!)