This is version 3 of my Centillion Suns song. It's just a rock remix of version 2. I lost version 1 but it was a lot like this current version 3. It had similar drums and similar guitar distortion sound. I tried to recapture version 1 by way of version 2. This version 3 was subsequently/additionally slightly influenced by the guitar feedbacks and high notes and unbelievable bending of the strings in the song Red House by Jimi Hendrix. The guitar ending was influenced by Bach's contrapuntal way of doing harmony. The gist of this song came from the time that I was trying to play the electric bass guitar and watching David Bowie DVDs, like The Man Who Fell To Earth. The reason I'm going on and on (not that I don't do that normally) is that this song is one of my favorite babies. But I love all my babies, in varying degrees. I mean, you love your babies right? Don't you? But hey, if you love my babies too, yay. Better than hate. Anyways, additional influence: Sunday afternoon autumn light.