Humpty Dance performed in Austin, TX at Common Interest. Digital Underground is an alternative hip hop group originally from Oakland, California, which had a huge influence on West Coast hip hop style. It was founded by Greg Shock G Jacobs, who grew up in New York City and southern Florida. Digital Underground's music was heavily influenced by various 1970's funk bands, and sampled their music frequently in their songs. This consequently was a main feature of west-coast rap. Most west coast rap artists, however, tended to focus on the gangster rap style, whereas Digital Underground had an alternative style that was spaced-out and different. The group originally wanted to set up their image to pay tribute to The Black Panthers, which were social activists at the time. But since Public Enemy wore that image, Shock G decided to modify Digital Underground's image to be out of the box and whimsical. Shock G designed the album covers to model Parliament-Funkadelic album designs. His most famous alter-ego character is Humpty Hump, which he brings out into several of their songs, most notably The Humpty Dance. This particular song was the group's first huge successful single. The song Doowutchyalike was their first single, and wasn't quite as popular, and interestingly enough, is referenced in The Humpty Dance song. Also to note, Tupac Shakur got his start in this group.