A ‘music’ trailer to my Jacob/Bella fan fiction story Never Too Late Video detailed: (You WILL NOT understand this unless you’ve read the story) 00:00-00:18 Bella visits the Cullen’s for an inevitable talk with them and Edward following her 6 month long absence. They deliver her the message that forces her to make a life changing decision that could cost the lives of those she loves. 00:18-00:23 Edward helps Bella pack before she goes to break the news to Jacob…she has no idea how he’ll believe her. There’s only one option… (Read the story peeps!) 00:26-00:38 Christmas Eve. Bella goes to the Black’s to break up with Jacob, saying LIES LIES LIES the best she can so he won’t go with her and risk his life. She breaks down on her drive back. 00:40-00:51 College life for a few years at NYU. New friends, new guys, all in attempt to forget the past she doesn’t want to leave behind. 00:53-00:56 Autumn pays Bella surprise visit in NY 00:57-1:20 Flashback to those wonderful few months spent with Jacob in Georgia. You may recognize the dialogue from Chapter 11 of NTL. Ignore the blonde (pretend its Bella) and ignore Edward in that one shot (it should be Jake…that was my intention) 1:21-1:26 Bella calls Jake to beg one more time when she returns to Forks after all those years to not go through with his decision…can’t tell you! =) He doesn’t want to lose her no matter what happens 1:28-1:45 another girl has entered the picture after Bella’s long, 4 year absence. Jake struggles to keep his friendship with Bella intact as Bella unravels the truth. Even Autumn is at a loss of how it’s going to end. Lots of bickering… 1:47-1:51 Julius slaps it in Bella’s face what’s going on; something Jake failed to mention. Bella doesn’t believe him. 1:51-1:54 Things are slowly going back to normal…but what’s normal? 1:55 Bella and Jacob dancing…at what? You’ll see =) 1:56-1:58 Bella’s breakdown. The sneak peek you got in the preface.