Never Too Late (Jacob/Bella) fan fiction trailer Detailed summary of video: 00-00:23 HAI THERE Summit logo…and ‘flashbacks’ to Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse 00:23-00:31 Bella’s ‘epiphany’ and ‘escape’ 00:32-00:37 Bella runs to the only person she can think of: her old friend Autumn 00:38-00:43 Jake has returned from Canada and finds her 00:44- 1:03 J/B exploring a relationship at Autumn’s (pretend the blond (Laura Ramsey) is Bella) 1:04-1:08 the Cullen’s deliver Bella the threat and she leaves Forks 1:10-1:32 Bella returns years later…and a new girl is in the picture. Bella tries to fit back in with her old friends and earn her relationship with Jacob back 1:33-2:07 the secret’s out. Including flashbacks of J/B and Bella imagining J/’the other girl’ together (in sepia)…what’s going to happen now? 2:08-2:12 a vision of Bella at her wedding (that hasn’t happened yet) with the title Cast: Bella- Kristen Stewart; Jacob- Steven Strait (I love Taylor, but Steven is older and I’d rather imagine Steven in the sex scenes/naked than innocent Taylor…lol); Edward- Robert Pattinson; Alice- Rachel Bilson OCs (a.k.a. original characters I created): Autumn- Blake Lively; Chimera- Megan Fox; Brooke- Leighton Meester (EXCEPT in the scenes where she’d crying…that’s supposed to be Bella)