Kwame 14MAR10. 33 Days Post-Op. Although he wants to go further on walks, especially when I take him to our familiar walking spots, you can see by the video that after about 3 minutes he's showing signs of tiredness, and although he can still go further I believe it's best at this stage to encourage the dog to rest for up to a minute after 3 minutes of walking. From what i can see with Kwame his "form" is better when walking for shorter distances; the more he walks the heavier and clumsier he gets on his feet. Walking him at an oval is better for this as there's always a nice piece of grass to lay down on for a while when taking a break. Apparently you should allow 2-3 months for recovery after amputation, so exercise should be under the guise of re-hab ie. controlled and monitored up until that point at least. Swimming would be a great option. You also have to bear in mind how debilitating and fatiguing cancer and chemo is, no matter how well the dog is coping with it. He's happy, eating and drinking well and adapting to life as a TriPaw. Next chemo treatment (number 2) is on Tuesday, it will be interesting to see how he does this time around as he went in for more surgery the day after his 1st chemo treatment so it was hard to tell how much it affected him, although he looked great the night after chemo and the morning before he had more surgery.