29MAR10- 7 weeks post op, amazing how much his stamina has improved in the past week. On this day we walked around the ovals completely, as well as across the vacant block and the pedestrian bridge which goes across the railway line- a total of over 1.5km in all. We had a 5 min break about 1/2 way through the walk, apart from that Kwame sat down and took about 8 small breaks by himself, but was usually back on his feet within a minute. Seems a lot happier walking around the areas he is familiar with, probably because he knows where we are headed. The cooler weather also helps. He was a bit stiff and sore afterwards, nothing drastic but the overall walking time and distance was probably a bit too much. Kwame and Saniay also had a bit of a play with the 3 Border Collies that were being walked at the same time (beautiful well natured dogs btw, a credit to their owner). Kwame wasn't happy with the 2 males going near Saniay, so he chased one of them off (he never fights with other dogs)- he can really get moving now when he wants to. He and Saniay are now back to play-fighting on a daily basis, been trying to get a video of this but they always stop once they see me. He bounces around like a normal 4 legged dog when this happens, its a great sight to see. The best part is the people I see out when walking, they usually make comments like "beautiful dogs" then they do a double-take when they see that Kwame only has 3 legs. Some people even stand and watch him for a few minutes as he runs and walks about the place, and as you can see he's also getting good at lifting his leg again. Generally his balance and stamina is outstanding, Chemo treatment No.3 is in another weeks time, he's looking nice and healthy at the moment.