Boone: I really feel like I am helping do something for this country. When you get down to it, it’s very, very simple. This is all about us. Brian: Hi, I’m Brian Bradshaw [ph]. I’m here with Boone Pickens, part of an ongoing discussion series we have about energy. Boone, today is pretty near the fifth anniversary of you launching the Pickens Plan. Um, could you bring us up to speed, talk about some of the progress we’ve made and where you stand today? Boone: You know what, five years passed pretty fast, and if you go back to July the 8th, uh, uh, five years ago, that I was talking about natural gas, there was great resource in America, ample supply in America, uh, cheap, clean the best fuel of the hydrocarbon group. Okay, and you know it caught on. I … I built an army, uh, we put it together. Now, progress, what has happened? We are moving to natural gas as a transportation fuel. Uh, a … it … in the heavy duty trucks is where I want to go. That’s where we’re going. All that is happening. Uh, the oil and gas industry has done an unbelievable job in the United States of developing oil and natural gas both, but we’ve gone up on supply of oil. Uh, we have a tremendous amount of natural gas. It’s all very cheap. Cheapest fuel in the world is in the United States. Oil by 20% cheaper than the global price. Natural gas 75% cheaper and gasoline 50% of a general gasoline price around the world. So, yes, a lot has happened in five years.