Attention all beach and bikini lovers! There is a mass exodus to the beach right now! The sun is shining and the beach is in full swing down in here Central America and especially Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. While all of you northerners are bundled up and shivering next to your heaters, come to the land where houses don’t even have heaters, or windows for that matter! Jaco Beach is one of the top 5 surfing spots in the world and where ever there is great surfing, there are great bikinis. And for those of us who consider ourselves bikini connoisseurs, the Copacabana Hotel Bikini Contest will be the place to be. On the night of February 26 starting at 8 p.m. there will be a pool side Bikini Contest at the hotel. There will be prizes for the ladies and lots of eye candy for the men. These bronze skinned Latinas will do anything to take the first prize money, even baring all to bribe the judges. There is also a new pole dancing activity just added to the festivities, so this upcoming show looks to be even more exciting than the last. There will be more sexy Ticas, Nicas, Columbianas, Dominicanas and every other kind of luscious bikini clad starlet that walks the planet down here in Jaco. The show fills up early so get there in time to get in and get a good table or seat at the pool bar. Bring your swimsuit and your camera and just relax. Have dinner by the pool or try the front patio dinning area just off the beach. The food, drinks and ambiance is all first class so whether you come by yourself or you bring your lady it will be sure to be a very special night. For more information or to make reservations go to